Relax. Oversize. Unisex.

MyBearMood is not just home clothes as you know it. These are clothes for your lazy day! It does not matter if you spend it at home, traveling, on the beach or at a party — the MyBearMood suit will be appropriate for any circumstances.


MyBearMood Relax Club

Our clients are united by a fine sense of beauty, selectivity and love of comfort.

All of our products are UNISEX

Perfect for her, for him, and for two at the same time.

All you have to do is choose a size:

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If you hold a MyBearMood MyBearMood box in your hands, it means a very close person is taking care of you, even if this person is yourself. Your gift is not just a beautiful piece of clothing, but also a unique mood, encouragement to relax and spend at least one day with full pleasure.




MyBearMood MyBearMood — is not only stylish, cozy and comfortable leisure clothing. This is an incentive to arrange a lazy day for yourself — a day when you owe nothing to anyone! We have specially designed a comfortable cut and selected the most superior and smooth materials so that on this day nothing distracts you from the main thing — Yourself!



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