Bear Mood Therapy

You deserve a day off — you really need it! It is foolish to deny it. Allocate one day, cancel all business, hide in your "den" and forget about all the problems for a little while. Take time for yourself, stay in comfort and find inner balance.

MyBearMood is not just stylish, cozy and comfortable leisure clothing. This is an incentive to arrange a lazy day for yourself — a day when you owe nothing to anyone!

We have specially designed a comfortable cut and selected the most superior and smooth materials, so that on this day nothing distracts you from the main thing — Yourself!

Together with professional dancers we tested the comfortable cut of our clothes. We are well aware that you are unlikely to make such somersaults on your lazy day, but if you suddenly decide that you are up to it, MyBearMood clothes will be ready to do it too.

Taking a day off from time to time is not a whim, but a necessity. If it seems that there is absolutely no time to relax, then it is the right time to do it.

A time when nobody bothers you, we call MyBearMoodTherapy.
Bear Mood Therapy is necessary in the following cases:

  • Emotional burnout
  • Fatigue
  • Nervous exhaustion
  • Chronic stress
  • Irritation
  • Loss of the meaning of life
  • Break up with the loved ones
  • Bad weather outside
  • Release of the new season of your favorite series
  • Just a lazy mood


Bear Mood Therapy is an individual treatment. Someone is watching TV shows, someone is sleeping, someone is reading a book... It doesn’t matter what you do. The main thing is that on this day you give yourself the opportunity to recover emotionally and physically!

Don't touch me

To make your lazy day as perfect as possible, we have prepared for you a list of extremely important activities for which you usually do not have enough time:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Smile
  • Relax
  • Wallow in bed
  • Savor your food
  • Do nothing
  • Watch a good movie
  • Listen to nice music
  • Dream
  • Praise yourself for taking care of yourself
  • Do your favorite thing
  • Drink champagne
  • Meditate
  • Eat dessert
  • Eat dessert yet again
  • Drink champagne yet again
  • Chat with a nice person
  • Put your favorite perfume on
  • Finally read a book
  • Give yourself a compliment
  • Do something that you haven’t allowed yourself for a long time
  • Do what you want!

When you wear MyBearMood MyBearMood, don’t sweat yourself emotionally or phisically.



To gain balance, you need to indulge in
at least one day a week

Bear Mood Therapy mindset makes a MyBearMood MyBearMood kit a perfect gift.

If you hold a MyBearMood MyBearMood box in your hands, it means a very close person is taking care of you, even if this person is yourself. Your gift is not just a beautiful piece of clothing, but also a unique mood, encouragement to relax and spend at least one day with full pleasure.

Each set is packed in a gift box, wrapping paper and a nice bag.
Accompanied by a checklist of an ideal weekend, which you can also use to write a personal message on.

LIMITED Red set Silk Touch Basic Oversize
Red set

Shirt, T-shirt, pants, shorts, sleep mask


LIMITED Pink set Silk Touch Basic Oversize
Pink set

Shirt, T-shirt, pants, shorts, sleep mask


Вместе с танцорами мы провели испытания комфортного кроя нашей одежды. Прекрасно понимаем, что вряд ли ты будешь выделывать такие кульбиты в свой ленивый день, но если вдруг надумаешь — одежда MyBearMood будет готова и к этому.

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