Perfect Gift

If you hold a MyBearMood MyBearMood box in your hands, it means that a very close person takes care of you, even if this person is yourself.

Your gift is not just a beautiful piece of clothing, but also a unique mood, encouragement to relax and spend at least one day with full pleasure. After all, this is the day we all always miss. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.


Each set is accompanied by a checklist of an ideal weekend, where you can write a personal message. Our sets are packed in a gift box, wrapping paper and a nice bag. *

*Purchases of separate items are wrapped in wrapping paper and a cloth bag. If you need a gift box, then write to us about it in the comments to the order and we will surely come up with something.

It is impossible to make a mistake with the size.


Due to the unique cut all our items are a perfect fit for people with sizes from XS to XL.
All you have to choose is your perfect kit and its color.

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