MyBearMood Blue set Silk Touch Kids Oversize

Blue set Silk Touch Kids Oversize

Oversized shirt, T-shirt, pants, shorts and a silk scarf/bandana.


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The unique Silk Touch set MyBearMood MyBearMood for kids with height from 120 to 140 cm. The set consists of oversized shirt, T-shirt, pants, shorts and a silk scarf/bandana.

All items can be perfectly combined with each other and adapt to any mood and circumstances. They can also be used as stand alone elements of your wardrobe.

Oversized shirt
Straight cut model, long sleeves with cuffs, turn-down shirt collar. Patch pocket on the chest. Button closure. Welt side pockets.
Lateral length from armhole to bottom - 45 cm. (17.7 inches)
Back length 70 cm. (27,56 inches)
Sleeve length 51 cm.(20.08 inches)

Oversized T-shirt 
Neckline, 1/2 free sleeves. Due to the free cut, the elongated hem falls in beautiful folds.
Lateral length from armhole to bottom 40 cm. (15.75 inches)
Back length 58 cm. (22.84 inches)
Sleeve length 12 cm. (4.73 inches)

Oversized pants with pleats on the hips
Slightly narrowed cut, elastic waistband with a wide elastic band. Welt side pockets.
Leg seam length 56 cm.(22.05 inches)
Side length 72 cm. (28.35 inches)

Oversized shorts 
The product is made in a linen style. Wide elastic band provides comfortable fit at the waist.
Leg seam length 7 cm. (2.76 inches)
Side length 24 cm. (9.45 inches)

53x53 см

The kids set fits kids with height from 120 to 140 cm.

Along with your emotional state this item may also need some care.


100% RAYON (high-tech silk)

Rayon fabric is a chemical fiber fabric that is considered the most natural currently available. It is also sometimes referred to as "artificial silk."

Rayon fabric retains the beneficial qualities of natural fibers and has characteristics similar to artificial silk. It is a perfect combination of the features of natural materials and chemistry.

1. Strength and wear resistance. The canvas is much stronger than wool, natural silk or cotton. It will serve longer.

2. Resilience and elasticity. This fabric perfectly survives multiple bends, does not wrinkle much, but can be deformed when strong tension is applied.

3. Smoothness. Our clothing is very smooth and soft and does not cause any inconvenience in contact with skin.

4. Lightness. The fabric is very thin and very breathable.

5. Practicality. Due to the smooth surface, the fabric stays clean longer and does not cause problems with washing.

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Oversized shirt, T-shirt, pants, shorts and a silk scarf/bandana.


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